High Praise for “The Love of the Nightingale”

We are enjoying all our positive reviews and want to share them with you, too!

Nelson Pressley of The Washington Post writes: “Constellation Theatre Company has developed one of the most distinctive house styles in town, especially when they light into classic myths and exotic design on a budget. “The Love of the Nightingale,” which opened Sunday night, is a great example: The rape tale is Ovid’s, processed through Greek tragedy and director Allison Arkell Stockman’s sumptuous theatrical sensibility. The result is dynamic and heartbreaking.”

Debbie Jackson of DC Theatre Scene writes: The Love of the Nightingale is not light, easy drama, but the riveting production immerses us into ancient  worlds for a full two-hours with no intermission without skipping a beat.  The memorable passages of the script reflect the heartbeat of humanity, with observations about truth, the power of words, a reference to a caged bird singing, and even puppets enacting the truth when the tongue has been silenced.  Through Stockman’s bold and courageous storytelling, Constellation has yet again, tackled ancient difficult tales that resonate with modern complexity, aching to be retold. Highly Recommended!

DC Metro Theater Arts‘ Justin Schneider says: Constellation is at its best when the material is most challenging, and The Love of the Nightingale is the best kind of challenging. Allison Arkell Stockman has conjured a myth that, like the best fairy tales, teaches hard and uncomfortable lessons.

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Megan Dominy as Philomele



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