Lawyer’s Night Out – Friday Jan 31 at Matchbox

Constellation Theatre Company’s Lawyers’ Committee and friends gathered for a pre-show party at Matchbox on 14th St with a great crowd of about 50 people.  Special thanks to Board Member Scott Chatham and the SunTrust Private Wealth Management Legal Specialty Group for making a contribution to the event!  We were joined by Seth Waxman, who later made an appearance in the performance of SCAPIN.

At a regular performance of SCAPIN, one of the characters, Argante, goes in search of a lawyer to get his son’s marriage annulled, yet he never retains counsel.  However, on Lawyers’ Night Out, Argante boldly insisted that he would hire a lawyer who had argued in front of the Supreme Court, who was an honorary Special Agent of the FBI, and who was even a former Solicitor General and Seth Waxman stepped out of the audience to oblige.  The charismatic Waxman gave the clown guidance and advice that delighted the actors and audience alike, even though it turned out that a farce is settled not in court, but in a chase.

Constellation welcomes people to future Lawyers’ Night Out events!  We had a blast!

And special thanks to Edward Cragg for the wonderful photos!


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