Our Top 10 Moments of 2012!

What were your favorites? Here are some of ours:

10.  Over 9,500 patrons attended Season 5!     Thank You!

9. Lorca’s haunting tale, Blood Wedding, garners rave reviews.

8.  Constellation recognized as “One of the Best” by the Catalogue for Philanthropy.

7.  Taking Steps is Helen Hayes Recommended.

6.  Tom Teasley performs his magical original score to The Tales of Prince Achmed.

5.  Metamorphoses is Helen Hayes Recommended.

4.  Kendra Rai wins the 2012 Helen Hayes Award for Outstanding Costume Design for her work on The Green Bird.

3.  Zorro, our first world premiere, went into production.

2.  Metamorphoses, complete with 5,000 gallons of water, is Constellation’s highest attended show.

1. With over 30 associate artists, a growing board of directors, and an ever expanding number of patrons, donors and subscribers, Constellation’s family of supporters continues to grow at an exponential rate!

We certainly enjoyed sharing 2012 with you!



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