Questions for the Cupboard: Kitty Tells (Almost) All

I had a lovely time on opening night chatting with audience members about the show. Time after time, though, the same questions arose, and I think this is the perfect opportunity to answer them in a public setting. Never fear, theatregoers! I’m here to put your minds at rest. 
Can you breathe in the cupboard? 
Yes. My time in the box is entirely suffocation-free! It’s very well ventilated, actually. Many kudos to AJ Guban, scenic designer extraordinaire.
Are you cramped in there?
No. This is the benefit of being the size of the average third grader, I suppose! Both AJ (Scenic Designer) and Allison (Director) were very kind about consulting me as to what dimensions would keep me most comfortable. In the end, I think we ended up with a smaller box than was used in rehearsal, because I felt like I had more space than I actually needed.
What do you do while you’re in there?
Other than those times when I try to get out? I won’t lie to you, audience members. It’s possible I snuck a book in there during tech. That’s my deep, dark confession for the day. Now that the show’s actually up, though, I’ve got a great seat to watch the action! I can see the parlor quite well through the crack between the doors, so I’ve got a prime viewing spot for the (hilarious) stuff that goes down over there. 
The box is also a surprisingly good spot for quiet reflection–for instance, I conveniently remembered that I needed to write this blog while sitting quietly in the cupboard. I’ve also been known to spy on the audience a bit from the box. Just a heads up.
Are you in there during intermission?
I’ve joked about people trying to feed me during intermission, and as fun as that would be, I unfortunately do not stay in the cupboard.
So how do you get out of there so quickly, then?
Am I allowed to give away the treasured secrets of Taking Steps? Let’s just say that if there were a secret, hidden door to the cupboard, I would use that at the beginning and end of intermission. But I’m not saying there is one. You’ll have to see the show again and squint into the darkness to find out for yourself.
 Megan Graves plays Kitty in Taking Steps

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