Chronicles of Metamorphoses – by Ashley Ivey

Well my fellow cast mate Lisa Lias’ awesome blog post has piqued my interest in actually documenting my backstage track during the run of Metamorphoses- here goes-
Arrive 6:30pm
6:30-7:15 shave face and warm-up
7:15- run fight call as fight captain- watch Myrra/Aphrodite hair pull- Erysichthon kicks me in my face and rolls me into pool- SEA BATTLE! 
dry off, then into costume for top of show!
8pm Showtime! 
Wish the gents and the ladies a great show, wait in loading dock for my first entrance as Silenus. 
High five Lisa, Katie, and Megan on their way to their first entrance. 
Get wine bottle and chips- On stage as Silenus.
Exit after scene, hand off wine bottle to ASM Dan, get towel to dry off a little, reenter with Baccus for end of Midas scene. Exit carrying Jade with Jefferson once clear of sightlines put Jade down, get down the stairs and hug the wall so Matt can clear past me, rip off wet Silenus costume throw in bin, run to loading dock for costume change into Henchman. Change complete, go to the hidey-hole secret water entrance and get into the water to wait for sea battle entrance. 
After the sea battle up and out of the hidey-hole get towel from Dan,simultaneously drying off and taking sopping wet henchman costume off while running towards the loading dock for my next quick change into Sleep. 
Sleep scene done then into dressing room for a quick dry off then back to loading dock for  Narrator costume change, quick hair check in the bathroom, then grab mop for Halcyon Days song.
Onstage for Halcyon Days song into Erysichthon scene. At end of Erysichthon grab axe and costumes in the black out at the end of scene and exit off stage. Hand off costume to ASM Jewel, store axe under light boom, grab snake glasses and hand puppet go to hidey-hole and get in the water for snake entrance.
Onstage for snake bite. Exit out the hidey hole entrance, while at hole strip down to bathing suit, get into shade bag.
Onstage for shades.
Exit Orpheus scene, climb out of shade bag throw into bin, get to dressing room to change into Vertumnus necklaces, bracelet, bandeau, and leafy crown, run to backstage bathroom where my wet costume is hanging put on pants then run like hell to get my suit case and cane from under the spiral staircase to make my entrance as Vertumnus. Hopefully enough time for ASM touch up to my costume make sure it is on correctly.
Onstage as Vertumnus. Exit out with Katie help her slip off Pamona wings then into dressing room. 
A Break! During Phaeton scene catch breath and get into Narrator costume for Eros and Psyche.
At end of Phaeton scene clear innertube off set and hand off to ASM Kat backstage.
Onstage Eros and Psyche.  Exit with dagger to quick change into Philomon wig and cloak and cane in the dressing room then back onstage for the end of show!


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