Updated – Reviews and Press for Metamorphoses


DC Theatre Scene have posted their review HERE.

“Metamorphoses deftly explores the myriad ways in which love changes everything. Constellation’s production holds the power of transformation, combining emotion and laughter in a dazzling spectacle that illuminates the persistent truths of ancient myths.”

Washingtonian’s After Hours Blog weighs in HERE:

“Constellation shows tend to captivate, and this performance is no different. The chameleon cast navigates the dramatic waters–literal and otherwise–masterfully. All ten actors take on several roles, among them King Midas, Pandora, Bacchus, and Narcissus, each showcasing formidable talent and range. There’s no weak link in the glinting Grecian armor here.”

The Examiner adds their praise in a review HERE.

“Constellation always manages to transform their space in amazing ways and the inground pool that is the centerpiece of this play was no exception. The actors have to act in and around water for the entire show, and that is no small feat.”

A lovely write-up from the Two Hours Traffic blog.

“The costumes are a work of art.  Everyone spends a good deal of time in the water, and Kendra Rai, costume designer, made sure the costumes were functional and absolutely gorgeous.  I was particularly enamored with the ones during the story about the kingfishers.  You’ll have to go see the show to know what I mean!”

An enthusiastic review from DC Metro Theatre Arts.

“Stockman’s vision of modern ideas mingled with ancient myth does a superior justice to Zimmerman’s work; leaving the audience to want for nothing. Her casting is divine – each of the actors accomplishing more than one role in a deeply profound manner while still providing exhilarating entertainment. She utilizes the heightened sense of physicality to have her characters portray morals and key factors of stories, adding a level of depth and understanding to the text. Combined with the vibrant original score – provided by Tom Teasley – Metamorphoses is a sensational ‘Must See’ production.”

More positive feedback from Show Biz Radio.

“Constellation Theater Company’sMetamorphoses is flat-out brilliant, knock-your-socks-off theater, from script to setting to lights and costumes to actors who speak and move with perfection. At heart, it is about storytelling, the stories being some familiar and some not-so-familiar Greco-Roman myths, derived mostly from the Roman poet Ovid. A signal achievement of Mary Zimmerman’s script is its ability to convey the deep feeling of many of the stories while telling them in contemporary, ironic language, creating frequent moments of humor that do not detract from the stories’ emotional impact.”

A detailed review from Washington Times here:

“Although this production generally employs a light touch, it takes itself seriously too, propelled by a cast that can sell the lessons the play contains. Namely that for us today, even in the 21st century, the ancient Greek and Roman poets and playwrights can still teach us a great deal about the kind of conduct, morality, and sense of honor that would serve to sustain a successful and beneficial society.”


From the Washington City Paper, Constellation’s Aquatic Metamorphoses Runs Deep

From TheaterMania, an Interview: Tom Teasley Brings Music to Metamorphoses

From the Washington Post Going Out Guide, Diving In With Metamorphoses

From Metro Weekly, Pool Party: Constellation takes a dip in the pool


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