A Good Reason to Sell The Cow!

English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge famously wrote in his epic poem The Rime of the Ancient Mariner:

Water, water, everywhere,
And all the boards did shrink;
Water, water, everywhere,
Nor any drop to drink.

For those who have seen, as I did this past weekend, Constellation Theatre’s over-the-top production of Mary Zimmerman’s Metamorphoses  no boards shrunk and, except for those in the first two rows of the audience, no water was available to drink.  However, what was available to drink was what may be the richest and most rewarding production of theatre Constellation has mounted in its relatively short history.  The audience was treated to a virtual theatrical feast.  Ovid’s classic tales of humanity, which represent some of mankind’s oldest tales, are given new relevance by Zimmerman’s brilliant script.  In lesser hands, the play might come across only as an original and clever presentation of the classics.  Under the direction of company Artistic Director Allison Stockman, with superb performances by a brilliant acting ensemble and with world-class music (Tom Teasley) and design (A.J. Guban and Kendra Rai), Constellation’s Metamorphoses brings its audiences a theatrical experience one only is lucky to have a few times in a life of going to theatre.  In other words, go see Metamorphoses at all costs.  Sell the cow!  If you don’t own a cow, buy one so you can sell it and go see Constellation’s Metamorphoses!! 

One audience member on Friday teaches Ovid’s tales as part of her English classes at a prominent Atlanta school.  She said that she wished she could have her students see the production because it would make them so more vivid than merely reading the normal translations.  Perhaps Constellation should take this show on the road. You know, “Have pool, will travel.”


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