I’ve Got A Crush on You…Constellation Theatre…Mary Zimmerman… etc…

Though I’m from Cleveland, I came to DC via Illinois, where I went to graduate school.  While visiting Chicago in the fall of 2006, I saw the first production of Mary Zimmerman’s Argonautika at the Lookinglass Theatre.  I fell in love, and realized this is the kind of work I wanted to make: vivid, funny, harkening to the classics yet wildly modern and immediate.
Two years before I had seen a college production of  Metamorphoses at the American College Theatre Festival (holla at ‘cha Region III).  I always loved Edith Hamilton’s Mythology. Seeing the stories live that my Mother read to me before bed as a child . . . oh it was wonderful!
By this point, I had a little artistic crush on Ms. Zimmerman.
Flash forward to 2010, when I connected with Constellation Theatre Company.  Here was a company staging epic stories, a dreamer’s landscape in the vain of Mary Zimmerman, whose work I had fallen in love with in Chicago.  I had the fortune of doing two shows with them: On the Razzle  and a remount of The Ramayana.  Easily two highlights of my career at this point.
And then they go ahead a produce MetamorphosesImage!!!  I am very, very excited.  I know that within the very capable hands of Allison, and using the talents of so many of the Constellation regulars and newbies, its going to be a must-see event.
Props to A.J. and Daniel on the set.  I stopped in last Friday and was amazed at how awesome the set looked. I’ve rocked out onstage to Tom and looked like a god in Kendra’s designs, so I expect their contributions will woo me again! (I’ve seen the designs for the costumes and I’m jealous I can’t look that good in everyday life).
Can’t wait!
Drew Kopas

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