Painting the Pool – an update from scenic artist Daina Cramer

Painting this set is going super smoothly and I am definitely at the last stretch (exciting)!

It’s definitely been a fun process especially the walls (fun, splotchy blue sky). I’m really looking forward to seeing everything done and under lights, I can only imagine how spectacular everything is going to look with the reflections from the pool bouncing off of it. The biggest beast to paint was definitely the pool, lots of layers of paint to keep everything nice and dry (also painting it at some very fun angles, thanks Daniel!)

Pool Painting

Daniel Flint in the pool

Also due to springtime I had some extra little helpers outside the shop (too cute to resist!)

Shop birds

Metamorphoses - approved by the birds!

Now on to the details to really give everything that finishing touch.

See everyone in about a week and a half and I hope you enjoy all our hard work!


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