Outside In – Katy Carkuff reflects

The Arabian Nights cast & crew. With Metamorphoses artists and CAAs Katie Atkinson, Misty Demory, Keith Irby, Lisa Lias, Allison Arkell Stockman, and Tom Teasley. And CAAs Katy Carkuff, Gwen Grastorf, and Anastasia Wilson.

In the fall of 2007, we did Mary Zimmerman’s The Arabian Nights—the 2nd ever Constellation show.  It is a beautiful, hilarious, poignant, enlightening, magical play.  It established us as a company of artists.  It was our first collaboration with Tom Teasley.  It created lasting friendships. It remains, to this day, one of the most joyous experiences I’ve ever had on stage.  Zimmerman’s Metamorphoses had been in the season selection conversation for years.  And oh had I been excited about that.  For years.  But when the rights were finally granted and the pool an impending reality, I found myself already booked for another show at another theater.  Our Metamorphoses would pass me by.

I was heartbroken.  Grateful and excited, of course, for this new opportunity at a theater where I’d never worked and had been dying to for years.  But Constellation is a home to me, and its artists my family.  I’ve been in 10 Constellation shows (so far), going back to the very first.  I’ve been a “CAA” (Constellation Associate Artist) for as long as there’ve been CAAs.  I am unabashedly mushy when talking about Constellation.  And so when I’m not in a Constellation show, it always ratchets my innards a little.  And this show more than a little.

When I was asked to write a blog post for Metamorphoses, I questioned why they’d want my thoughts on something with which I have nothing to do.  All I could think to write was how sad I am to not be a part of it.  It’s just now dawning on me that, even though I’m not in the show, I am still connected to it in some way.  By virtue of my connection with Constellation.  And by opening night, I will have shaken off all my mixed emotions and will be cheering on my family from the audience…close enough (hopefully) to get splashed.  Besides, I know they’ll invite me over for a pool party any time I want.


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