Everyone Into the Pool! Thoughts from Misty Demory

I write this before our second night of “pool rehearsing”. Last time was lots of fun but also challenging. At our first wet rehearsal, poor Megan was freezing and had blue lips by the end of the night. I’m curious about how the already difficult quick changes of costumes will happen when we add the water element. This cast is so loving and supportive, Allison picked an awesome group of people to work on this daunting project. I can honestly say there are no Divas…well, we all know Katie Atkinson has her moments, but all joking aside, I feel incredibly fortunate to be a part of Metamorphoses. This story resonates deep within my soul.

One of the characters I play is Aphrodite. Here is what Aphrodite’s Match.com profile would sound like:
Red Headed Goddess (I’m not kidding, I’m seriously a Goddess). Red headed Goddess, passionate, filled with desire. I love red wine, long walks in the clouds, and men, women or Gods with tattoos, preferably with my name inside a heart. If you think you’re a match for me, write me a song, send it to me via Mp3, or just fold it up, put it in a bottle and set it sailing out into the ocean. (Poseidon will make sure I get it). I look forward to hearing from you. Email me at aphroditelovesfriedchicken@hotmale.com

Xoxo Misty


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