Let Us Hear Your Thoughts on The Ramayana

Constellation Theatre Company is currently presenting The Ramayana, by Peter Oswald at Source through June 6.

Every person who comes to see our production will have his or her own reaction.  Given that The Ramayana is an ancient epic central to Hindu thought and cherished as sacred by communities all around the world, it is not surprising that there have been many strong responses to our show.  Constellation created this blog as a forum to encourage open discussion of our play and of the larger ideas found in The Ramayana.  Viewpoints both positive and negative should be respected. 

We hope that you will share your experience watching The Ramayana with us and with the larger audience.  Feel free to write what is on your mind.  Here are some possible questions to serve as jumping off points if that is helpful.

Which moments did you enjoy most in Constellation’s The Ramayana?  Were there moments that were confusing or upsetting to you?  How did you feel about Peter Oswald’s adaptation (the script) and our interpretation of his work (our production, direction, acting, design, music, dance)?

What does the story of The Ramayana mean to you overall?  If you were going to choose one central idea or truth from this story to tell the world, what would you focus on?  Which moment within Rama’s journey most resonates with you?  Do you have a character that you most relate to?  What does it mean to be God come down in human form, the divine on earth?


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